About Us

Here at SmartStockWinners.com we employ the latest technology and software to monitor and pick out eventual stock market winners. Using our patented software we can predict with top notch accuracy the eventual position in a given time frame for any given company.

This has allowed us to develop into the No. 1 stock tips newsletter in the current volatile market, and our members can attest to that fact. Just look at our track record: 12 out of our last 13 picks have eventually risen to more than 100% of their initial value.

Having said that, every investor should note that not every company will eventually do well so please invest wisely. Use our technology or rely on our newsletter if you must.

Does SmartStockWinners.com get paid an advertising fee by the companies it covers in its newsletters?

No, SmartStockWinners.com does not get paid an advertising fee by the companies in our newsletters. We do however, charge an assessment fee of about $50 for each company that approaches our team for a chance to be featured. This price depends eventually on the size of the company.

Note that NOT every company would eventually be featured, based on our analysis and our team of analysts' opinions, we would then choose the eventual singular company to be featured in our newsletter. This company would be in our opinion the best company with the highest potential for eventual market growth.

Why do these companies approach SmartStockWinners.com?

It is quite simple, these companies do not have big budgets and cannot afford to appear on Forbes or CNBC money. Hence, they approach newsletter companies like ours to be publicized.

We believe in transparency and we would like to let every one of our readers and members know that each company does have to paid to be assessed by our team. But we only choose ONE eventual company to be included in our newsletter out of a pool of about easily 2-300 companies that approach us on a given week.